Hey, crafther market babes!

Welcome to palmer lettering co. i’m so glad you’re here!

Thanks for taking some of your precious time to visit the PLCo. website! The work that y’all are doing is so needed — the uplifting of womxn’s voices and their businesses is such important work. Go you! Okay, onto why you’re here, you want to know what a PLCo. booth might look like!

A few things you can expect: large mylar balloons adorned with my signature flowy calligraphy, a black and white aesthetic with brass accents, a smiling friendly face, and a multi-leveled display to grab your attention and pique your interest!


Let me introduce myself, I’m Kelly!

One of the things I love most about participating in vendor fairs is getting to meet so many rad humans! I love hearing what brought them to market, how their day is going, and sharing a laugh with them over some of the cheeky phrases on my work. Getting to connect with other boss babe business owners is also such a highlight of every market — I always leave inspired and try my best to encourage and cheer on the other makers! We’re better together and who doesn’t need a little dose of encouragement?


Red carpet not included.

I love a crisp, clean aesthetic. My market set ups tend to look something like this! I carefully curate a cohesive, minimalist display in order to make my work pop! I love to incorporate vertical displays to maximize my space and have something at eye level for someone at every height. I’m a sucker for free things and know that Mamas tend to bring their little ones to these markets, so I always have on hand on a bowl of candies to give out to adults and kids alike, with Mom’s permission of course!


Behind the scenes!

Don’t you love getting to peek behind the scenes and see an artisan at work? At every market, I try to offer at least one product that can be customized on the spot, so that guests can see the proverbial sausage get made and have something uniquely made just for them! At Christmas, for example, I offered custom ornaments where guests chose phrases like “Finally Went to Therapy 2k18” or “Gave Zero F*cks 2018”.