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about plco. 

Palmer Lettering Co. is a hand lettering and calligraphy studio located in Waco, TX. We specialize in providing custom wedding signage and one-of-a-kind decor pieces. We dabble in everything from chalkboard, wooden, and mirror signage to calligraphied leather jackets for the modern bride. We love the organic touch of a painted linen banner and the classic look of pointed pen escort cards. If you are envisioned to see a lyric, date, or meaningful phrase come to life in beautiful script, you've come to the right place. 

about the artist

Hi there, my name is Kelly Palmer and I am the owner | creator of PLCo. 

I am so glad you're here! I'm a social worker turned creativepreneur based in Waco, TX. (Yes, I've been to the silos, no Chip + Jo do not know that I exist, yes Waco is the cat's meooooow). You can usually find me with paint on hands, with projects strewn across our home studio, and gushing about my cutie husband and kitty.

I'm convinced alongside Dostoyevsky that beauty will save the world, so it's an utter joy to come alongside clients and create an extra touch of beauty for their big day.

Kelly | Palmer Lettering Co.